What We Do, And Do Well:

Wine Circle is more than a wine importer, we are wine curators who select only the most exceptional wines from the most innovative wine makers in the Alsace region of France to bring to the US market.


Our current portfolio includes 23 wines from six regions in France, including: Loire, Rhone, Bordeaux, Cahors, Languedoc, and Vin de France. We are delighted to be a true partner to over 30 distributors in over 28 states across America.


At Wine Circle, we not only identify your unique and often complex wine needs so we can deliver your best wine selections, we also often make market and store visits to help our partners formulate their best marketing and advertising strategies for their best wines.


In our desire to bring you the highest quality wines, we prefer, whenever possible, to work with wine makers who do not use pesticides or insecticides. Many of our wines are certified as organic or are grown according to the French standards of reasoned agriculture.


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Alessandra Divell 

Marketing/Compliance Mgr.

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Operations Manager

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Curt Van Hooven

Regional Manager

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Mike Hundley

Regional Manager


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Regional Manager