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Château Bel-Air

80% Merlot - 20% Cabernet

This Château is located on the bank of the Garonne River in the Graves appellation.

80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, from vines that are 35 years old.
Chateau Bel-Air is fermented in stainless steel and aged for a year in cement tanks before release. The cab brings texture, body, and weight, while the Merlot brings a well-needed softness and delicate red fruit notes.   

The vines are grown according to the French standards of reasoned agriculture. This includes no pesticides and no insecticide. The wine has not been certified organic because the winemaker is against the use of sulfur. Though this mineral is tolerated by organic certification standards, the winemaker does not like to use it.



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