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The Château La Noë estate, an 80-hectare area of land located in Vallet, France, was founded in 1878. They are known for their long history of consistency in their product, which may be unsurprising when you learn that they grow only one grape varietal, “Melon de Bourgogne”. Named after the round, melon-like shape of its leaves, it is from this grape that Chateau La Noë creates their Muscadet.

This wine is made with the single vineyard “clos du Ferre”, one the most famous single vineyards in Muscadet. It is located in the Sevre et Maine appellation, indicative of higher quality wines, which require the aging of the wines on lies, giving more depth, complexity, and sometimes a very light effervescence to the product.


LOCATION: Loire Valley

APPELLATION: Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine sur Lie 




SIZE: 80 hectares (198 acres)

ELEVATION:  70 meters

AGE OF VINES: 30 years

SOIL:  Exceptional soil, called the Armorican Massif--Gneiss composed with two different kind of mica, garnet and amphibolite

AGING: Aged on lees for 9 months