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Domaine La Cadenière is a family affair. Gabriel, Vincent, and Pierre Tobias currently run the estate. The three brothers are the third generation of the family to work at the domaine.  All three share a common passion for wine and the preservation of the biodiversity of the terroir, which has led them to work in Organic Agriculture. They have been practicing organic farming methods for more than 10 years and they have the official organic certification since the 2012 vintage. 

The name of this rosé, "Pin de La Cadenière," comes from the pine trees growing on the estate. Some of them are about 300 years old, and have been part of the landscape of La Cadeniere winery since its very beginning.


LOCATION: Provence

APPELLATION: AOP Coteaux D'Aix en Provence

PROPRIETOR: Tobias Brothers

WINEMAKER: Jérome Dufour

SIZE: 60 hectares (148.2 acres)

ELEVATION: 60 meters

AGE OF VINES: 25 years

FARMING: For more than ten years, the estate has practiced organic farming obtaining an official certification in 2012. Grapes are picked in the early hours of the harvesting day to retain the fresh character of the fruit.

SOIL: Gravel and clay-limestone silicas

FERMENTATION: Thermo-regulated stainless steel vats, 15-20 days, 28°C

AGING: Aged in 30-year-old wood for 8-10 months

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