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The Old World, the New World, and the terroir. This is the tale of  Two Birds. The first comes from New World distant horizons, the second is born in the heart of the Old-World winemaking area. Despite their geographical distance, these Two Birds are sharing one thing in common: their love for outstanding wine and great terroirs.


This tale reflects the story of the head winemaker: after traveling the world gaining experience in South America, South Africa, and Australia, she has now settled back in France to create this range of extraordinarily fruity and approachable wines.


LOCATION: Southwest France

APPELLATION: Vin de France



SIZE: 500 hectares (1236 acres)

ELEVATION:  150-200 meters

AGE OF VINES: 40 years (Rouge), 20 years (Blanc and Rosé)


Rouge: To craft this specific range, the winemakers have selected calcareous and infertile soils, fully ripened under the sun. The key here is that yields have been controlled by the terroir characteristics. 

Blanc: This wine has been selected in a specific area where the climate is more continental thanks to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. Two different kinds of terroirs are distinguishable, near the coast the soil is sandy and rainfall is high, whereas the east has warm and dry summers with clay-limestone soils. 

Rosé: Crafted in the purest French winemaking tradition, with the right drop of modern technics, the resulting wine is vibrant, with a dash of style and sophistication.

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