loire valley

The Loire Valley is one of the most complete, rich, and diverse regions in France for winemaking. The region offers crisp & dry whites, semi-dry whites, fantastic sparkling wines, great reds, and a variety of sweeter dessert wines. 

100% aged in a large oak tank for 6 months, the Domaine A Deux Pinot Noir shows an impressive balance of aromas and flavors. 

Among the great white-producing regions in the Loire, Touraine is enormous, and its producers varied. After tasting hundreds of them, we decided to go with Domaine A Deux for its amazing structure, depth, and purity.

Domaine A Deux success comes from the quality of the parels selected by the estate. The thirty hectares of Touraine Sauvignon Blanc are on some of the steepest hills, with perfect exposition. 


This wine is made by the Clos du Ferre vineyard, one the most famous single vineyards in Muscadet. It is located in the Sevre et Maine appellation, indicative of higher quality wines, which gives more depth, complexity, and sometimes a very light effervescence to the product.


This Sauvignon Blanc is produced by the Biotteau Family at the Château d’Avrillé, whose castle is located in the heart of the Loire Valley, in the Anjou area. The climate is ideal for producing whites that are refreshing and bright.


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