Founded in 1860, Maison Antech is led by owner and winemaker Françoise Antech-Gazeau. Françoise took over the family estate 25 years ago, aiming to showcase to the world what makes sparkling wines from Limoux so special.


Through her wines, Françoise is offering a unique expression of the terroir of Limoux, full of freshness and complexity. Proudly part of our portfolio, Lady Françoise, named after Antech-Gazeau, is an AOP Blanquette de Limoux Methode Traditionelle. Blanquette de Limoux predates champagne as one of the oldest sparkling wines in the world.

The Label

The Vineyard

The entire production is certified Terra Vitis since 2004, showing a strong commitment to sustainable farming through a global strategy to reduce the impact of wine production on the environment.


Located in Limoux, the vineyard occupies 19 hectares. The soil composition is limestone & clay. Hand-harvested and focused on native varieties, Maison Antech is a high-altitude vineyard with an elevation between 200 & 450 m and an average vine age of 30 years. The wines are fermented in bottles on lees with a minimum aging period of 24 months.


Lady Françoise is comprised of 90% Mauzac, 5% Chardonnay, 5% Chenin Blanc

Tasting Notes

Lady Françoise is comprised of 90% Mauzac, 5% Chardonnay, 5% Chenin Blanc


Color: Pale yellow color with golden reflections and fine bubbles


Aroma: The nose expresses spring flowers and fresh tree fruits


Flavors on the palate: The palate is lively, harmonious, and round. It imitates the feeling of biting into a very delicate Granny Smith apple


Mouthfeel: Balanced, complex & delicate


Pairings: Ideally suited as an aperitif or to be paired with seafood & shellfish


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