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In June 2015, Gérald Vallée and François-Xavier Barc bought 24 hectares of vines on the commune of Saint Aignan-Sur-Cher, in order to create"Domaine a Deux". The vineyard is divided between 14 hectares of white grapevines and 10 hectares of red grapevines. The entire vineyard, located on the heights of the commune, allows ventilation for the vines and optimal maturity. The soils of clay and sand give each grape variety its typicity. The vines have an average age of 35 years and are harvested mechanically. Today the estate has a production potential of 120,000 bottles. 


LOCATION: Val de Loire


PROPRIETOR: François-Xavier Barc & Gérald Vallée

WINEMAKER: François-Xavier Barc & Gérald Vallée

SIZE: 11 hectares (28 acres)

ELEVATION: 100 meters 

AGE OF VINES: 20-25 years

FARMING: Sustainable farming practices

SOIL: Clay, limestone, sand

FERMENTATION: Stainless steel, 15 days

AGING: Aged in stainless steel

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