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Moulin Touchais

Grand Cru du Val de Loire

Moulin Touchais is produced in one of the most famous vineyards of the Anjou area, just in the heart of the Loire Valley. The vineyard stands on the banks of the tiny Layon river which threads its way through beautiful, gently rolling hills. It has been in the Touchais family since 1787. Jean-Marie Touchais is now the 7th generation running the estate.

High acidity and high sugar levels ultimately determine Moulin Touchai’s opulent style: smooth and elegant. Only the best vintages will leave the cellar under the Moulin Touchais name, and only after a minimum of a 10 years. 

The Chenin Blanc grapes are brought to an overripe stage, but are typically unaffected by noble rot due to the geographic situation of the area. This gives Moulin Touchais that outstanding freshness of the typical fine, beautifully balanced acidity which lingers on the lips and on the palate.

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